AKRI and ISPSO: Developments in a Thriving Network

As I’ve written about many times before, I believe that AKRI thrives when it’s part of a network of thriving organizations.  That’s why we’re striving to create a community of AKRI and its affiliates that’s better together, and that’s why AKRI is supporting events by other Group Relations organizations, like GRI and Il Nodo Group.  

Fortunately, AKRI isn’t the only organization that’s helping build a thriving network.  At its Annual Meeting in Dublin last year, ISPSO ratified a Strategic Plan that prioritizes openness and working across networks.  This has meant a reversal of ISPSO’s previous policies about co-sponsoring Group Relations Conferences.  As recently as six years ago, when AKRI approached ISPSO with a request to co-sponsor its Annual Residential Group Relations Conference (itself directed by a member of ISPSO), the request was turned down.  In the last six months, however, ISPSO has extended offers of co-sponsorship to three very different AKRI Group Relations Conferences, and AKRI has gratefully accepted all three. 

I hope this brings more ISPSO members to AKRI events, and I’m already witnessing an increase in AKRI members attending (and presenting at) ISPSO’s Annual Meeting in New York.  Indeed, I think the Annual Meeting being in New York has inspired some of the American members of both organizations to feel the connections and synergies--both actual and potential--more powerfully.  Together, I hope we’re building a thriving network across our organizations that can support all our work and learning.

So, if you’re in New York next week, please consider attending ISPSO’s Annual Meeting.  Moreover, we’re at the height of our recruiting efforts for AKRI’s flagship Annual Residential Conference in New Orleans (for the first time, co-sponsored by ISPSO).  I’ve been speaking to members across the AKRI community about this conference, and I believe it’s an important event in AKRI’s own growth—our process of reconnecting the national community, of understanding ourselves and our organizational transitions, and our understanding the impact of conference life in the larger world.  

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