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The Next AKRI Dialogues and AKRI’s 50th Anniversary

Who wants to help organize the party?

 The past few months have seen two exciting celebrations of the rich history of GR work in the world.  OFEK celebrated its 30th Anniversary over a long weekend in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and the Tavistock Institute held a weeklong Festival in London to recognize its 70th Anniversary.  

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A few notes from the International Group Relations Scene

In an ongoing effort to engage with the broad expanse of Group Relations work in the world, we’d like to mention a few things that are going on internationally.   

First, there’s a conference going on right now in South Africa that came to our attention via Ellen Short, who heard about it from its director, Jean Cooper.  The Board joined Ellen in her vision to offer our support to Group Relations work the world over, and AKRI donated to the scholarship funds for the event.  You can read more about it here and proudly know that AKRI has a part in learning that’s going on right now.

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January Conferences

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that it’s a busy January for Group Relations Conferences on the East Coast.  As it’s done for the past four decades, the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems (aka, Boston Center) is putting on their annual residential Conference in Dover, MA.  And the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems (aka, New York Center) is launching a brand new weekend Conference, to be held at City College of New York.  

As a first order of business, let’s join together in celebrating these rich learning opportunities, and let’s do what we always need to prior to conferences: recruit!  If it’s been a while since your last residential conference, or if you’ve been to a few weekend conferences and want to take it to the next level, sign up for Boston here.  And if you want to support the next big thing, of if you have colleagues or students who want to give a conference a try, sign up for New York here.  Each conference offers a unique experience, and if you think about it, we’d bet you have friends, colleagues, students, etc. who you could recruit for either or both.  Let’s not keep the profound learning and life-changing experience to ourselves!

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AKRI's New Officers

One of the most important outcomes of the weekend was the nomination and election of AKRI’s new officers.  Ian Pritchard, who’s been serving as interim Vice-President since June, enthusiastically accepted our nomination to continue in the role and was unanimously elected.  Laura Dorsey-Elson offered her services in the role of treasurer, and the Board unanimously voted in favor.  And Frank Marrocco offered to serve as Secretary, and was also unanimously elected.  

Our departing treasurer, Robin Engels-Heitzman, offered some important consultations to the Board about how to enhance both the success of the individual in the role, and the whole Board’s work with the financial aspects of its work.  It’s with special gratitude, then, that we elected Laura, and that other Board members—including Jack Marmorstein in his role as President-Elect, and Keith Lequay, who, earlier in his career, worked in the banking sector—offered their services to make the treasurer a less isolated role.  We’re all hopeful that we can turn over a new leaf in this regard, and would welcome whatever expertise resides in the AKRI membership, if you have ideas for ways we can continue to improve.   

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AKRI's New Blog & Report from the Board

 Greetings from the AKRI Board

We, the AKRI Board, just concluded our semi-annual retreat in Milford, PA, and we invite you to join us for the launch of AKRI’s new blog! 

There’s much to cover in the first few entries—a report from the retreat, welcoming AKRI’s new Board members and officers, and some news and plans for the future.

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