• We value learning from experience through shared reflection about the psychodynamics of groups, organizations, and systems.
  • We are committed to learning about leadership and authority, and the psychodynamic systems that impact both.
  • We value a systems framework that engages our differences and allows us to appreciate the complexity of multiple perspectives. 
  • We recognize our common humanity and are committed to conscious, deliberate acts to uproot racism and other forms of conscious and unconscious targeting of marginalized groups.
  • We are committed to providing equitable opportunities for all people at both individual and systemic levels in our organization and in society.   
  • We are committed to developing an authorized membership that recognizes our individual and shared responsibility for furthering the organization’s mission on behalf of our larger society.


The A. K. Rice Institute offers experiential learning designed to make sense of the social chaos and irrationality that surround us. People who participate in our Group Relations Conferences can emerge with a greater capacity to join and fully engage in work, family, and community life.  They can find themselves newly energized, feeling more alive and significant. Ultimately, participants might discover how to claim their voices as part of something larger than themselves. Joining, mission, authority, and voice are essential aspects of leadership and citizenship, two roles our world desperately needs.