Member Publications

As a part of expanding access to the group relations research and writing of our AKRI members we are including this section on the AKRI public website to announce member publications.

If you have a printed publication to announce email us a press release or other descriptive material and any links to external websites (such as for purchase) to [email protected]. If you have an article that you’d like to share and would like it to be downloadable please send us a pdf. Include any copyright and reprint limitations for the document if applicable.

This subsection complements the growing archive of audio and video documentation of the AKRI Dialogues (or future title). Presenters at the Dialogues may also submit pdf’s of any full papers presented for publication online.

For past Dialogues presentations see the Multimedia Archives option under the Resources tab at the top of the webpage.

Please click on the links below to read more about the publications and for links to purchase, if applicable.


The Ecosystem of Group Relations: Culture, Gender, and Identity in Groups and Organizations
(A collection of papers presented at the sixth Belgirate conference, copyright 2023)

Group Relations Theory and Practice by Tracy Wallach

YouTube channel for people interested in Group Relations theory and practice

Solstice by Kathleen Cain 

Kathleen's second volume of poetry, published July 2022

Doing the Business of Group Relations: Exploring the Discourse
(A collection of papers presented at the fifth Belgirate conference, copyright 2019)

Journeys By Kathleen Cain

Kathleen's first volume of poetry, published November 2018

The Tavistock Learning Group: Exploration Outside the Traditional Frame
By Clive Hazell and Mark Kiel
Published by Karnac June 2017

Talking About Structural Inequalities in Everyday Life

New Politics of Race in Groups, Organizations and Social Systems
Ellen L. Short, Ph.D. and Leo Wilton, Ph.D., (Editors)
Published in 2016

Group Dynamics in a Multicultural World
By Mary McRae
Video published in 2015 and available by purchase as DVD or streaming access

Group Relations Work: Exploring the Impact and Relevance Within and Beyond its Network

(A collection of papers presented at the fourth Belgirate conference, copyright 2015)

Group Relations Conferences: Tradition, Creativity, and Succession in the Global Group Relations Network

(A collection of papers presented at the third Belgirate conference, copyright 2012) 

Adaptation and Innovation: Theory, Design, and Role-Taking in Group Relations Conferences and their Applications
(A collection of papers presented at the second Belgirate conference, copyright 2009)