Media from 2008 Symposium

From the AKRI 2008 Symposium

Leadership Across the Globe: Transforming Organizations & Relationships


Keynote by Beverly Malone: Leadership, Diversity & Global Transformation

An inspired and inspiring and important presentation with questions and answers by an internationally renown and longtime practitioner within our tradition. 1 hour 24 minutes. mp3

Keynote by Konstantin Korotov – Identity Laboratories: Transforming How We Support Leadership Development

Another fascinating presentation. Konstantin Korotov talks about how a new generation of leaders from both “old” and “new” Europe are learning to lead and manage in a transforming world.

Keynote by Robin Ely – Unmasking Manly Men: The Organizational Reconstructionof Men’s Identity

A fascinating talk on research done on offshore oil platforms documenting a significant and hopeful change in the traditional male culture on oil platforms driven by a focus on safety.

Initial Report on Designing, Implementing and Learning from Group Relations Training Adapted to the On Line Environment

A panel discussion led by some of the pioneers in using online technology for Group Relations work.

A New Exploration of Authority and Leadership Between Staff and Members, Members Themselves: the conference F.L.A.M. initiated in 2004 by the International Forum for Social Innovation (I.F.S.I.) France. (F.L.A.M.stands for Femininity-Leadership-Authority-Masculinity)

A presentation and discussion led by Jacqueline Ternier-David co-inspirateur (along with David Gutmann) of a wonderfully creative and inspiring design for Group Relations conferences. Link to F.L.A.M. website

VIDEO - Temporarily Unavailable

Torches, Quilts, and Songs My Mother Sang:  Meaning and Metaphor in the Legacy of Rhetaugh Dumas, PhD

A panel led conversation of memories and reflections on the extraordinary career of Rhetaugh and her important influences. Video is in three parts. (Note: video is a non-professional recording with variable quality)