Member Publications: Ellen L. Short, Ph.D. and Leo Wilton, Ph.D. (Editors)

Talking About Structural Inequalities in Everyday Life

New Politics of Race in Groups, Organizations and Social Systems

Edited by:Ellen L. Short, Long Island University
Leo Wilton, Binghamton University
Published 2016

The book, Talking About Structural Inequalities in Everyday Life: New Politics of Race in Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems, provides critical attention to contemporary, innovative, and cutting‐edge issues in group, organizational, and social systems that address the complexities of racialized structural inequalities in everyday life. This book provides a comprehensive focus on systemic, societal, and organizational functioning in a variety of contexts in advancing the interdisciplinary fields of human development, counseling, social work, education, public health, multiculturalism/cultural studies, and organizational consultation. One of the most fundamental aspects of this book engages readers in the connection between theory and praxis that incorporates a critical analytic approach to learning and the practicality of knowledge. A critical emphasis examines how inequalities and power relations manifest in groups, organizations, communities, and social systems within societal contexts. In particular, suppressing talk about racialized structural inequalities in the dominant culture has traditionally worked to marginalize communities of color. The subtle, barely visible, and sometimes unspeakable behavioral practices involving these racialized dynamics are explored. This scholarly book provides a valuable collection of chapters for researchers, prevention experts, clinicians, and policy makers, as well as research organizations, not‐for‐profit organizations, clinical agencies, and advanced level undergraduate and graduate courses focused on counseling, social work, education, public health, organizational consultation and advocacy.

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