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AKRI Conference Consultant Training & Certification Program




Conference Consultation Training & Certification

The process is self-paced, competency-based, and has three stages, including a preliminary application phase and two stages of competency development. It is designed to provide individuals opportunities to learn to practice and achieve the required competencies. This means that applicants may develop the competencies through a variety of approaches including, but not limited to, attendance at group relations conferences, classes, workshops, professional work in their fields, etc. Each participant in the training program works with a mentor who is a certified AKRI consultant. Throughout the training, the achievement of the competencies will be assessed by the applicant her/himself, her/his mentor, Training and Certification Committee members, and, in the final stage, by AKRI group relations conference directors and/or their designated training directors.

For applicants who believe that they may have already mastered the internal competencies necessary to become a consultant at group relations conferences, and who can provide documentation to support their assertion, there is a “fast track” single stage training process. There is also an option for certification of those deeply experienced consultants who have practiced in group relations centers in other countries (or the US) as conference consultants/directors in the Tavistock tradition.

There are fees to initiate and complete each stage of the training and certification program.  Total cost of the complete program is $1200 ($900 for fast track, $100 for direct certification).  Details of the application process and the application form are available in other linked pages.

Application to become a Training & Certification mentor is available by email.

Inquiries about the training program should be addressed to [email protected]

“I would recommend this Certification process to anyone who finds Group Relations a compelling and useful framework. In my experience, this training and mentorship has provided invaluable insights into groups and how to effectively consult to the dynamics both within a conference setting as well as in the workplace. In short, I would do it again without hesitation – it was a very positive program.”

Michel Deschapelles, M.B.A., M.S.
Consultant, Egon Zehnder International